Shabear Retreat

The SHABEAR Retreat
The SHABEAR Retreat is nestled in the mountains along the Yaak River of the NW corner of Montana. FROM LIBBY, follow Hwy 2 WEST until you see the Yaak River Road [or hwy 508]. Go 9.2 miles then turn Right in A SHARP U turn. Follow the long driveway down and around [1/4 mile, do not take any turns]until you pull up in front of a large Log Home sitting up on a slight hill.

The retreat sits at 3000’ elevation, average temperature during the spring thru fall is a pleasant 70 degrees, with the hottest months of late July and August {averages about 85-89*} yielding to the coldest months in Jan - Feb. It is truly a delight to splash around in the Yaak River or to hike in the spring and fall, or to snow shoe, snowmobile, or ski during the winter in the annual 7‘+ average snowfall..The Yaak and the Kootenai Rivers are filled with breathtaking views and an abundance of history.

On the other hand, some simply enjoy the peace and serenity that only God and Mother Nature can bring. Go for a drive to Kalispell where you are at the West entrance to Glacier International Park. Go see the Bear Park! Go see the wonderful ancient glaciers in the park. Driving up “Going to the Sun Road”, you can stop and take pictures of park slopes and wildlife that lives there.

~OR you can drive down river to the Yaak Falls just 2 miles away! The Kootenai Falls with a suspended Bridge is where the movie “A River Wild “ was filmed; starring Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep { I was sitting in the river fishing when they filmed the movie with helicopters flying above, it was fun to watch}. The movie “ALWAYS” was also filmed here with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus at Bad Medicine Mt /Bull Lake. You never know whose path you will cross!!!

You will never experience anything more peaceful than sitting under the stars at night, with a campfire watching Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Aug-Sept. Relax on the Yaak River in back of our log home and watch the Golden and Bald Eagles fly above your head!

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